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UK Firewalk Help DIY SOS

UK Firewalk appear on The Magicians on BBC1 and help Sian Williams the News reader walk on Fire!

(click on the pictures below to watch)

We also let Lenny Henry have a go off air.

UK Firewalk appear on Sky with

We helped presenter Max Rushden and Soccerette - Elise Addiscott walk on fire, live on air. (click on pictures for footage)



Firewalk in Carlisle, footage from  (click on logo)

See Scott and the UK Firewalk team helping people to stop smoking in Sheffield on No Smoking day.(click on BBC OR NHS logo)

See the link below to see the Famous magician Luis De Matos in which UK Firewalk were consultants for the filming of the show in Portugal. Go to his website for more information

Saved By The Ball was a life-makeover series that tackles the four biggest problems faced by British men today – diet, boozing, depression and anger. But it won’t do it through endless chat and therapy sessions like so many other shows before, it will do it through the one thing that unites men even more than their problems… football. Headed up by Neil “Razor” Ruddock, ex-footballer and self-confessed ex-alcoholic, and Coach Justin Edinburgh, they will build a football team made up of 15 dysfunctional men, all facing one or more life issues, but who are all skeptical that football can ultimately change their lives.

The men all face one or more present day life issues, including too much drinking, too much smoking, poor diet, anger management, depression, confidence and gambling.

Neil Ruddock takes the manager position, along with Justin Edinburgh at his side as coach. Using a team of experts including Dr. Adam Carey from Celebrity Fit Club fame (Nutrition and Diet), Angie Dowds from TV's The Biggest Loser: UK Season 1 (Personal Training), Keith Power (Sport psychology and mental health) and Scott Bell (World Record Breaking Firewalker), the team plans to get this group of everyday guys fit, healthy, happier and on the road to a better future.

Outrageous Wasters

The Fowlers have 15 TVs, 20 consoles and will probably soon need their own national grid. Can they learn to mend their ways? Scott and the UK Firewalk team showed them how much energy they were wasting and then got them to walk on fire.