Firewalking Instructor Training

Would you like to be able to show people how to walk on fire? If the answer is yes, you have come to right place. If you want to start your own business or include the skills in your own seminars/workshops, we will help provide you with all the necessary skills.

Why train with UK Firewalk?

You will be able to share the knowledge and experience of Scott & Diane. Hundreds of firewalks around the globe, 2 Guinness World Records and tens of thousands of people safely taken across fire. They will also invite you to access their knowledge after the training by allowing you to come to their events and gain hands on experience.

Others tell you what to do, we show you!

Our Firewalking Instructor Training once completed will allow you access to £10 million of Public liability insurance* and you can join a world wide forum to share best practice!

Over the years we have trained instructors from around the world. (Romania, Belgium, UK, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, India, Poland)

The group courses are normally held twice a year. To register your interest in the next course email

“I have always believed in learning from the best. It’s just much faster and better to do it this way. Scott is a great firewalking teacher and trainer. His great friendly approach makes all the things easy to learn. He has shared with me all his experience and knowledge. Scott and Diane are great people not only to learn from but also to spend time with. I highly recommend Scott’s Firewalking Instructor Training. You will have a great time and learn a new skill the fast and easy way. Thank you, Scott.”

Michał Kołtyś - Owner and President Earth Power Europe

You will be taught by Scott Bell, twice Guinness World Record holder for the greatest distance walked on fire. He will share his experience and show you how to become a great firewalking instructor.

“Thank you very much for everything! I truly felt that no effort was spared to prepare me to be a great Firewalking Instructor! I believe that your passion and knowledge of the business make you stand out from everybody else! Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!”

Izabela Fouéré – Trainer & Life Coach

The course will include a number of different firewalks. You will learn exactly what it takes to run a successful firewalk (Location, Materials, Health & Safety, etc).

 The course also includes board breaking, arrow breaking, bar bending and glasswalking.  

The course is available on a 1 to 1 basis or group event.

* If based in the UK.

Our instructors leave been certified to conduct safe and exciting firewalks. However we aware of practices which we do not consider to be safe and the instructor has taken on themselves. If you wish check our knowledge of anyone we have trained, please contact us.