About Us

The legendary phoenix was sat in its nest watching the world spin round. Suddenly, the nest was set alight by the heat of the sun and quickly turned into a blazing fire. From the smoldering ashes arose a newly reborn phoenix.

Walking on fire enables you to dispel old limited views and feel psychologically reborn.
Man needs to feel thrill and adventure.  Firewalking is available to those who have an open mind and the determination to take up a challenge.Step away from the comfort and constraints of everyday life, boxed in by four walls and the concrete jungle of civilisation and onto the hot coals.

Firewalking is richly rewarding in terms of your personal self development and the activation of your potential, realise and focus your talents,  make decisions, set goals, awaking and exercising inner strength to expand your conscious awareness beyond everyday experiences.You will discover meaning, prioritise the important things, understand the purpose of your life.

Your determination will take you to where you want to go.  Know your limits but never stop trying to exceed them. Reflect within that is where your strength lies. Learn to be what you are  and let go of the things you are not.Living a more fulfilling harmonious life.  You will take charge of your own destiny and cease to be a victim of circumstance.

UK Firewalk has dealt with many businesses, charities and public firewalks. We have completed many different event sizes from 10 people to hundreds. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure you get the type of event you deserve. We plan and discuss every step of the way with you. You can be safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with experts.  

Scott and Diane Bell. Founders of UK FIREWALK.

Both certified Fire Walking Instructors by F.I.R.E (Firewalking Institute of Research and Education).

'We are happily married and business partners, have two children, Adam and Chloe(Chloe first walked on fire aged 9). Our goal is to give self fulfilment to everyone who attends one of our seminars.'

Scott Bell:

Professional history includes a wealth of experience in sales, management, training and consulting. A wide spectrum of different market places including finance, automotive, retailing and computing.  Twice a Guinness World Record holder for the longest Firewalk (250 ft & 328ft). Available for motivational and public speaking events.

Diane Bell:

Qualified Trampolining and gymnastics coach. Award winning children's education and development specialist. Reiki practitioner.

CONTACT US: info@ukfirewalk.com or Telephone 0845 2268159