UK Firewalk is one of the UK's leading firewalk companies. We have led thousands of people across fire and have a safety record which is outstanding.Only one person has received more than a superficial blister and that was Scott, when he broke his first world record and he then went on to break to the Guinness World Record again without harm.

Scott Bell, Twice holder of the Guinness World Record for the greatest fire walking distance. He is internationally known as one of the worlds leading experts on firewalking.(Scott has been in The Guinness World Record book for 2007 & 2008)

UK Firewalk have appeared on TV (DIY SOS, Football Saved My Life, Guinness World Records, Outrageous Wasters,Sky Sports Soccer AM, The Magicians & Comic Relief)See our Archive, Radio, magazines and in the papers. Make sure the company you choose has a track record and more importantly are experienced experts!



Scott publishes his first book, get your copy for only £5.99 plus postage or download for £1.99 or Kindle for 77p!
We are all capable of extraordinary success, however the fact is that most people never truly achieve their full potential. They go through life accepting that their goals are nothing more than a dream or a wish and are unlikely to be fulfilled. In this book, Scott will share his experience of firewalking and many lessons that life has taught him.

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Become the phoenix, Walk the fire , unleash your burning desire.